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Corporate Lease

Running a business in just about any part of the world is super daunting, success rates are lower than ever, partly because more businesses increasingly face the need to take on responsibilities beyond their core focus areas. No matter how big or small your business is, except you are literally a rental platform, you have no business stressing through the often gruelling process of rentals and leasing. We really want you to succeed and yes, you need us. From our effective audit model that can refine your procurement process to ensure an efficient lease to purchase ratio while improving your bottom line, to vendor aggregation and management, operational vehicle, equipment and machinery lease and even our ERP styled solution to manage your entire in-house lease value chain, our one job is to get your leasing challenges sorted so you can channel that effort to other important concerns.

Eazy Runner

Everybody has at least one encounter of needing to run an errand but not being able to for reasons that typically revolve around time, opportunity and even location. If you’re as human as some of us, you probably have these episodes a few times every now and then. It might require delivering a flowers to a loved one on a special day, fetching your forgotten computer charger from the last place you had a meeting or even delivering documents to a client. This is where we slide in. We are more than just a delivery service, we are about as useful as a personal assistant who would need to pick the perfect timing for the flower delivery, fetch the right charger and be back before your computer runs out of power or even get the client to review the documents before leaving. So you would understand when we say that personal just got even more personal.


Meet a system that lets you aggregate and onboard vendors, monitor daily operations, process timely payments, credit and debit notes, handle RFPs, RFQs, invoicing, quotations, manage contracts as well as other relevant paperwork and much more. The only thing better than having these capabilities is getting to actually use them and the best part of it is this is an affordable system that can be made available in custom made plugins to suit the unique needs of businesses of just about any size, shape and industry.