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Why buy what you only need to rent?

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What our Clients Say

  • Mo' Ekojumi

    JLT Canada

    “Eazyhire grew to service a good number of clients within a short time because they were the company you could trust when you needed vehicles and equipment rentals, in as little as 24 hours- and they always delivered"
  • Stephani Omenai

    TWC Nigeria

    “We needed EazyHire to handle some event rentals for a huge societal wedding and they did so in time and at great price despite all the pressure that came with the request. Definately wort it!"
  • Adebayo Dawodu

    Accenture USA

    “I'm a client of Eazyhire. I engaged them while i was in Nigeria for a couple of months. their service was impeccable and the team was very helpfull"

What our Partners Say

  • Micheal “Luni” Libes

    Founder of Fledge

    “There are some business plans which seem simple to execute but which trip up dozens upon dozens of entrepreneurs. Sharing/renting is one of those plans. Its been tried by many venture backed companies but the only success I’ve ever seen of this model is Eazyhire"
  • Fola Olatunji-David

    Head of Startup Success and Services Google Launchpad Africa

    “As we see a rise in the sharing economy globally, it has become imperative that Africans easily access items and equipments without having to fork out the cost of ownership. EazyHire enables this in an innovative and user focused manner"
  • Hawa Coulibaly

    World Bank

    “Eazyhire holds the keys to the future of sharing in Africa and possibly beyond"
  • Bode Agusto

    Former Director General Nigerian Budget Office

    “Eazyhire has strong potential to scale profitably"


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