General Questions

One simple answer. Anything. As long as it is not illegal in your country.
Again, one answer. Anybody. As long as you own the item(s) and have proof of that.
Individuals or businesses who need these items temporarily but are not willing to buy or own them.
For users, payments are made upfront, at the point of request. We support multiple payment platforms and handle resolutions that arise in the course of making payments so there’s nothing to worry about. For vendors, payment will be received only post delivery. The exact time will depend on the duration of lease. Short term leases will typically be paid for daily or at most within 7 days while long term use will mostly be paid in arrears or on a case by case basis. The need for this is to ensure that the user is satisfied with the quality of the delivery and as long as this is established, your payment is equally guaranteed.
We have an incident rate of less than 3% so the chances of this happening are extremely low.However, if and when it does, be assured that we are here to protect you. Refunds, replacementwhere available and compensation are some of the options depending on the specific circumstances.
In Nigeria we are able to reach out to Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Owerri and neighbouring cities. In Kenya, we are able to render services around Nairobi and neighbouring cities. In Spain, we are able to render our services in Barcelona and neighbouring cities. If you need an item beyond the reach of these places, reach out to us right away.
Sign up or sign in, search through the thousands of items listed, select preferreditem(s) for lease, quantity, duration, make a payment and voila! Your requested item is on its way.Hopefully, you’ll find whatever you need temporarily on here. And in the unlikely event that you don’t, do request a quote
In the case where a search returns no results or not what you’re looking for, it will present the option to request a quote. Use it and you’ll hear from us in no time.
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Absolutely! We actually recommend that. The login is the same for both classes of our customers and you will definitely enjoy our services more when you experience the best of both worlds.
The key word here is trust and we understand that it is absolutely key. Which is why we provide insurance that both users and vendors contribute towards over time. Insurance ensures that whatever you list on here is safe and if anything bad happens to it, for any reason that has nothing to do with you, it will be replaced. We also profile users and allow for reviews of each user which you should take advantage of, to ensure that everybody is even more accountable.
You can sign up here and easily list your item(s). After providing the relevant documentation and the verification of such, your item(s) will show up on the platform within 48 hours.
Whoever lists an item ultimately determines how much it will cost. We only add a fraction for a markup to keep the lights on. And there are no hidden charges.