Every day we are faced with the problem of time and making time for a lot of stuff. So why don’t we take some of those things on your day to day ‘to do’ list out of your hands for shikini money!!!
Do you need to pick up and deliver documents or sensitive items? Did you forget something and need it urgently? Do you need to deliver gift items to a special someone?

Eazy Runner is an errand service currently operating in Lagos and Abuja. We run errands that you would rather have someone else do for you either for time, availability or convenience constraints. We are more than a courier service, we are your everyday messenger, which means we will greet, smile, talk, sign and even yell if you need us to. We give you On - demand response, affordable prices and 100% safety guaranteed.
We are the easiest and fastest way to get a perfect score on your to–do–list!