Eazyhire is a revolutionary peer to peer leasing platform, where you can lease items you need temporarily-with priority focus on vehicles and equipments.
On this platform, you can also put up a wide range of items you own for other people and businesses to lease them, and get paid doing so.
Whether you are connected to the internet or not, as long as you have a mobile device. you stay within our circle of coverage.

Our longterm vision is to be entrenched in your subconscious as the go to service for leasing. wherever you are.
Our dynamic vision is to have served half as many people in Sub Saharan Africa as there are mobile subscriptions.

Whatever your temporary needs are, we provide tailored services to meet them at prices that suits you (no pun intended). We totally take away the bulky paperwork and legalese, disappointments, stress, delays and poor quality of service associated with leasing as we know it today.

So whether you need to cut costs, improve the bottom-line or improve efficiency, whether you seek seek convenience or need to fix an emergency situation, we offer an experience that you will always come back for.