Eazyhire is a revolutionary platform where you can request to hire, lease or rent anything-as long as it is legal-with priority focus on vehicles, equipment, electronics and event management services.
We are a brick and click, one stop shop for all your hire needs. This means in simple English that you can either request for our services from whatever device you use through our web platform, through any of our social media channels, through voice calls or in person, at any of our outlets nationwide. Whether you are connected to the internet or not, you stay within our circle of coverage.

Our vision is to be entrenched in your mind as the default synonym for hiring in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. Our dynamic vision is to have served one in every ten people residing in Nigeria at least once, by the year 2025.

Whatever your needs are, we provide tailored services to meet them at tailored prices that suit you (no pun intended). We totally take away the bulky paperwork and legalese, disappointments, stress, delays and poor quality of service associated with hiring as we know it today.

So whether your needs are recruitment related, event planning decisions, or you want convenience or need to fix an emergency situation, we are here for you.

Life is better when it’s eazier.